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Could you develop a joystick for the platformer game that can be used in 2D World?

I think the 2d version of this joystick should do the things required for the platformer game

I want to use it for platformer games in 2D world.
I hope that the top and bottom do not respond, but only the left and right.

I looked for various joysticks, but there were only joysticks implemented to rotate the character 360 degrees.

I would like to buy the 2D joystick you are selling if it can be used for a platformer that operates only left and right in 2D World

please describe the actual behavior that you want or find me on discord and we can work on something that fits your needs.

Can you operate the following motion with a joystick?

Sure, give me few minutes to create a decoder for X axis

Hey Vlad

I just bought your 3D joystick and i was wondering if you could help me. I got it to work ingame but when you just touch the screen in the middle, the character goes turns to the left as default. Character is not moving to the left but hes animation starts and turn angle is to the left. 

Would be helpful if you could help with this.



The above issue has been fixed, please use v2 bbassets 

Thank you for your patience :)